Special Foreign Investment Deposit (sfida)

Get the best returns while overseas

Special Foreign Investment Deposit (sfida)

You enjoy the returns at the rate you deserve

Whether you are a foreign citizen or an institution, you can come over and invest in Sri Lanka. You can continue to earn higher returns on each investment with Nations Trust Bank’s Special Foreign Investment Deposit Account (SFIDA). We’ll keep your money safe as you invest.

Permitted withdrawals from the account:

  • Outward remittances
  • Transfers to other SFIDAs
  • Disbursements of the account holder in Sri Lanka
  • Relevant statutory payments


Permitted deposits to the account:

  • Proceeds of inward remittances received banking system
  • Foreign currency in the form of cheques, bank drafts or bank notes (provided the travellers' cheques have been issued in Sri Lanka and the bank drafts endorsed in the name of the account holder)
  • Interest accruing on the funds held in the account
Make your savings work for you

  • You can maintain your account in either local or foreign currency
  • Be free of our government taxes and levies
  • You could even maintain joint accounts
  • Whether it’s a savings account or fixed deposit account? The choice is yours
  • You can even convert your investments to any designated foreign currency, at the prevailing exchange or remittance rate
What you need

  • Be a Sri Lankan citizen living outside Sri Lanka
  • A citizen of a foreign country
  • A corporate body incorporated outside Sri Lanka
  • Foreign institutional investors such as country funds, mutual funds and regional funds Steps to get started
Steps to get started

  • Make a minimum deposit of US$ 10,000 or its equivalent in other designated foreign currency

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