Non-resident Foreign Currency (nrfc)

Earn across borders

Non-resident Foreign Currency (nrfc)

Best value for your foreign earnings

When you earn in foreign currency, you can be certain that we will offer you high returns. Our savings and fixed deposits are offered in major currencies such as US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, etc. You can enjoy our Fixed Deposits for periods of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.

We’re the finance choice for your foreign earnings

  • Banking with ease - We offer you 365 - day banking with extended banking hours in selected branches, providing access to your account
  • Account access in just 24 hours - Our Nations Global Cash Card linked to Cirrus/Maestro network provides access to your account locally and internationally
  • Access your account with free mobile banking, internet banking and 24 hour contact center
  • Xpress overdraft facility - You can borrow up to 90 percent of your deposit value in Rupees by way of an overdraft or a loan in an emergency
What you need

  • Be a Sri Lankan citizen employed overseas
Steps to get started

  • Deposit a minimum of USD 100 or its equivalent
  • A duly filled account opening form
  • A copy of your NIC and or passport
  • A copy of the overseas employment agreement

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